Tooth Extraction in Panama City FL

Oral pain in Panama City FL

Tooth extraction in Panama City FL

Tooth extraction in Panama City FL

If you are suffering with any type of toothache or oral pain, you will want to visit us at Baytown Dental Center. At our dental practice, our two top-notch dentists are Dr. Rami Heidami and Dr. Amjad Heidami. When you come to our dental practice with tooth pain, our dentist will determine whether or not you need to have a tooth extraction in Panama City FL.

When you come to our office complaining of oral pain, our dentist will first determine the exact cause of the pain. If you have a wisdom tooth which is infected or causing another type of problem, our dentist will be able to perform a tooth extraction in Panama City FL. More often than not, wisdom teeth cause problems when they attempt to erupt in the patient’s mouth. This is because the wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt, and there often is simply no room left for them. This causes the wisdom teeth to sometimes attempt to come in sideways. Other times, wisdom teeth may end up partially erupted, and leave an opening in the gums where materials can gather and infection will easily form. Also, wisdom teeth may end up coming in in the wrong place, and try to push another permanent tooth out of position. All of these problems can cause oral pain. When wisdom teeth are causing these type of dental problems, they usually are extracted. When wisdom teeth are extracted they are not usually replaced. Another common cause of tooth pain is a tooth that is infected or damaged in its center. At the center of the tooth is pulp, which is no longer needed by the tooth once the tooth has fully matured. If the pulp is damaged, our dentist can perform a root canal treatment to save the tooth in 90% of cases. However, if our dentist determines that the tooth cannot be saved by root canal treatment, he may recommend tooth extraction.

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