Pediatric Dentist in Panama City FL

Pediatric dental decay in Panama City FL

Pediatric dentist in Panama City FL

Pediatric dentist in Panama City FL

The reasons why children get dental decay and subsequently cavities are similar to the reasons why adults do, except that children have more complications to contend with. Here at Baytown Dental Center, our pediatric dentist in Panama City FL will develop a sound strategy for the prevention of early childhood cavities, and work with you to make sure that it is effective.

The simple fact is that plaque causes cavities, and sugar helps to fuel plaque. For this reason, our pediatric dentist in Panama City FL recommends that you limit how much sugar your child has, in both foods and drinks. Fruit juices, although filled with nutrients, are primary sources of sugar in your child’s diet. And if you make sure that he or she brushes in the morning, before bedtime, and after meals, then that along with daily flossing goes a long way toward eliminating plaque. Of course, it is still vital that she or he come in to see our pediatric dentist in Panama City FL two times per year for an exam and teeth cleaning. The exam will detect any early signs of decay, which is the next best thing to prevention. And because a teeth cleaning eradicates all of the plaque (and tartar) in your child’s mouth, it’s at the very foundation of cavity prevention. If you bring your child in on a regular schedule, the chances that he or she will be able to avoid cavities will be dramatically increased. Baby (primary) teeth are especially susceptible to dental decay. And it is important that they stay strong and healthy, ready to fall out on their normal schedule to make room for the adult (permanent) teeth to erupt.

The bottom line is that good cavity prevention is an all-around wise idea for your child. Cavities lead to toothaches, and who needs that? Schedule an appointment for pediatric dentist in Panama City FL to come in for an exam and cleaning.

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