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Panama City FL dentist

Panama City FL dentist

Cavities and gum disease are the last words you want to hear when you come in to see our Panama City FL dentist. And they are caused by dental plaque, the number one enemy of your oral wellness. Our priority here at Baytown Dental Center is to prevent the worst consequences that dental plaque is responsible for.

What is dental plaque? It’s a filmy bacterial substance that grows on and between your teeth. It eats away at your tooth enamel, ultimately forming holes, or what are well known as dental cavities. In addition, plaque irritates your gums, which results in the early stage of gum disease, gingivitis. Over time, the effect for your gums can grow to include inflammation and infection, which makes you susceptible to a variety of unpleasant complications. Teeth can decay to the point where a bacterial infection takes hold deep inside your tooth. You may recognize that as the primary reason for needing root canal. And it’s entirely possible to lose a tooth from advanced decay. Although most of the dental plaque in your mouth is washed away when you brush and floss, some tends to hide away out of reach. It then hardens into tartar, which cannot be removed with simple at-home oral hygiene. For that, you will need a teeth cleaning when you come in to see our Panama City FL dentist. Eliminating plaque and tartar 100% twice per year is an essential part of your oral care. In addition, a teeth cleaning halts and reverses the progress of gingivitis, so that you don’t end up with those unpleasant complications, which include persistent bad breath, receding gums, bleeding gums when you brush, loss of gum and bone tissue, and loose teeth.

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