32405 Bone Grafting

Bone grafting in 32405

32405 bone grafting

32405 bone grafting

If you would like to get dental implants, bridge work or another tooth restoration procedure, you’ll need to have a strong and healthy jaw bone with good bone density. If you don’t have enough bone, your oral surgeon will have to do a 32405 bone grafting procedure before you can get your dental restoration procedure done.

Bone grafting is a procedure that allows patients to get teeth restorations if they lack the bone density they need to have in order to get them. Without the 32405 bone grafting procedure, patients with low bone density would not be able to get certain types of restorations such as implants. They would need to seek another less permanent alternative such as dentures. The bone grafting procedure replaces missing bone which stabilizes, restores and increases the height and width of the jaw. The bone used in the procedure could come from as variety of sources, such as cadaver or synthetic bone. However, the preferred source of bone is an autogenous bone graft because it offers the most predictable results. Autogenous bone comes from the patient’s own body, for example, the chin. Dental bone grafting has stood the test of time. It’s common procedure in dentistry that has been successfully utilized by professionals for many years. The procedure has been used to help millions of patients over the last 30 plus years. Bone grafting is commonly used for periodontal procedures surrounding the natural teeth as for dental implants as well. The objective of bone grafting in preparation of dental implant procedures is to build up the bone in the location where the implant with be placed in order to ensure success.

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