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Panama City Dentist

Common causes of teeth stains in Panama City

Panama City dentist

Panama City dentist

Stained teeth can make you feel awkward about showing your smile, and have a negative impact on your confidence. At Baytown Dental Center, we make it easy for you to rid yourself of those stains, and restore a whiter and brighter smile thanks to our Panama City dentist.

The common causes of teeth stains tend to revolve around the choices you make about what you consume. Drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine, and cola are known teeth stainers. And they’re also among the most frequently used beverages. As for foods, the list includes berries (all kinds, including their juice), curry, soy sauce, and hard candies. Even more of a culprit is tobacco. Certainly smoking it is bad, but smokeless versions do you no favor at all with respect to the color of your teeth. Tobacco can make your teeth yellow or even brown. Sometimes, your choices and preferences are not the reason at all, though. Tetracycline is a popular prescription medicine. One of its side-effects is tooth discoloration. And your tooth enamel wears down slowly with age. The tissue beneath it is duller, so it’s fair to say that as you get older, regardless of your habits, your teeth won’t be as white. Our Panama City dentist is pleased to offer Opalescence home whitening, which is easy, fast, and effective. The results that you get from it will last you for a year, and possibly longer than that if you take care of your teeth well When you compare ours to the over-the-counter products sold at drug stores and supermarkets, ours is the clear choice. Ours is safe on your tooth enamel, and produces outcomes far greater than what store-bought items can.

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