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Best Dentist in Panama City

Teeth whitening in Panama City

Best dentist in Panama City

Best dentist in Panama City

Here at Baytown Dental Center, we offer not just one, but three outstanding ways for you get your teeth whitened safely, effectively, and quickly. When you consider all of the ways that your teeth can become stained, yellow, or even brown, it should be comforting to know that you can easily get back a smile that you will be proud to show off when you come in to see our best dentist in Panama City.

If you would like to have to have your teeth whitened right here at our office by our best dentist in Panama City, you can take advantage of our Opalescence Boost method. In a little more than a half hour, you will see outstanding results and a brilliant set of teeth. As an added bonus, you will have less sensitivity, a common problem with many teeth whitening systems; and reduced dehydration. You even get a touch-up kit for maintenance. On the other hand, for the convenience of doing it yourself in the comfort of your home, we have two choices. Opalescence Go gives you all of the same benefits that you get from the Boost option done at our office. It has low sensitivity and minimal dehydration, and the trays that you wear require no impressions or a wait for them to be returned from the dental lab. It’s named Go because you can get started right away. On the other hand, the Opalescence PF features custom-made trays designed to fit you with the utmost of precision. You only have to wear your trays for 30 minutes per day, and they are available in either mint or melon flavor, both of which are delightful.

So, which is the ideal one for you? That depends on your preferences and the time frame in which you want to have your teeth whitened. Schedule an appointment with our best dentist in Panama City. Call us today.

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