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Panama City Dental Implants

Replace Missing Teeth in Panama City

Panama City Dental Implants

Panama City Dental Implants

When you have empty space where a tooth used to be, it’s sure not cosmetically ideal, is it? In addition, it’s not good for your dental health. A missing tooth may allow the remaining ones on that jaw to shift, causing discomfort and a misaligned bite. If that happens, the teeth can be difficult to floss between thoroughly, putting you at increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease. At Baytown Dental Center, we can help with our Panama City dental implants, which have benefits not possible with fixed bridges and removable dentures, the more old-fashioned options.

A bridge has to be anchored to the tooth on either side, and this necessitates that those two teeth are drilled down and crowns placed to secure the anchors. Dentures don’t affect your surrounding teeth, but the adhesive that holds them in your mouth is messy to use and some patients find that they still slide when chewing or speaking. However, with our Panama City dental implants, those drawbacks disappear. Your surrounding teeth stay intact. You never need adhesive, and you will feel fully confident when chewing, even tough foods, as well as speaking.

The first step of the three step process is the placement of a titanium post in your jaw, at the point where the old tooth use to be. This post acts to replace the root, something that bridges and dentures cannot offer. Your jaw bone will grow around it over the next few months, eventually fusing with it for a dependable and durable foundation. A temporary crown can be utilized in the meantime so that you have a more complete smile. The second step is the placement of an abutment that will keep the crown perfectly in place. And then the third and final piece to the puzzle is a custom-made crown that is cemented onto the post and supported by the abutment. That’s all it takes to get our Panama City dental implants.

You’ll have a new tooth (or teeth) that looks and feels just like your natural teeth do. Brush it and floss between it and your real teeth as you would normally. Over time, you may even lose track of which one is the implant. That’s how natural they seem. And with the proper care, you can expect our Panama City dental implants to last you for a long time, maybe even for life.

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